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We know a thing or two about this industry...

For the last 15+ years we've been creating and running the sales, marketing & production systems for one of the most successful independently owned artificial turf installation companies in the United States.

In addition to building systems, I had the unprecedented opportunity to manage annual marketing budgets at its peak, of ~$1mm a year.

As you might imagine that experience provided us with a series of unique perspectives into consumer behavior as it relates to residential artificial grass sales and installation.

Simply put, we figured out what works

It's been quite a journey creating and managing systems, tracking leads, booking appointments and installing artificial turf projects throughout the entire Bay Area, of Northern California. Which brings us to today.

We've taken what we have learned over that period and created a one of kind SaaS (Software as a Service) business model with the sole purpose of supporting other artificial grass installation companies around the world.

(Above) Project builds for the next day's Jobs.

(Below ) Troy getting some sand ready to load.

Here's our Story

Hello, my name is Troy Scott, the goofy guy above in that picture. It all started back in 2006, when I met one of the Founders of Heavenly Greens, Dan Theis, who at the time was already successful having started the company back in 2001. Dan had become one of my first investors in a start-up I Co-Founded called Home Pro Hub. Turns out Angies List & Service Magic (now Home Advisor) where way ahead of us with that model. As a result, Home Pro Hub went nowhere, fast.

After learning more about Heavenly Greens, that same year, I took a major risk and decided to jump in full-time as a 100% commissioned sales guy. That was 15 years ago. Today Heavenly Greens has become one of the largest independently owned artificial turf installation companies in the U.S. producing over $300mm in sales. That equates to installing over 800k sqft. a year.

After spending that first year as a sales rep, I became the VP of Marketing, my true passion, for Heavenly Greens. I would spend the next 14 years learning all about building digital marketing systems and eventually create a Digital Marketing Stack (DMS) that would become the envy of the industry. At its peak, I had 13 different VA's (virtual assistants) from all over the world working with me to run the marketing department for Heavenly Greens. In fact, I wrote a book all about it, "Small Business Owners Guide to Digital Marketing" that's available on Amazon. Over my time at Heavenly Greens, Dan and I developed a very unique business relationship to say the least. Still, as an employee, I had 100% autonomy to create, test, build and fail our way into growing the business significantly. It all came down to creating and building systems for everything down to inventory and production management for as many as 18 installation crews, including trucks and equipment.

In 2013, I partnered with Dan and Founded Artificial Turf Express, a retail artificial turf business for "off the roll" sales. Using nothing but paid traffic strategies to drive retail foot-traffic with Google Adwords. A short time later we took the business to 7-figures and today its a growing multi-million dollar retail business that has seen significant double-digit YoY growth.

A few years later, I started my own digital marketing agency where I began providing digital marketing services to other folks who owned artificial turf businesses. The original brand was Complete Online Strategy. It was during this time that I began building out a solid team of Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) providers, Search Console & Google Analytics experts, Content Creators, Marketing Automation experts, Facebook Marketers, Social Media managers and Paid Traffic Partners. Which I'm pleased to say, many of whom, are still with me today.

We learned a lot with Complete Online Strategy. We tried to be everything for everyone and even upset a few customers along the way. Perhaps the worst thing we could have done. However, more significantly, we learned what worked and what didn't.

A gigantic lesson.

Fast forward a few more years I was lucky enough to meet Andrew Croot. Andrew and I met at an Entrepreneurs conference in downtown Los Angeles in 2017 and became close friends. Andrew would eventually join me to manage the entire team behind both brands Artificial Grass Marketing and Complete Online Strategy.

A short time later, I would go on to acquire Heavenly Greens & Artificial Turf Express, becoming the co-owner with another employee who had also started as a Sales Rep at Heavenly Greens, Tim Fullerton. A real American success story of starting from the bottom of a company and working our way to the top and buying it. Today, Tim and I run the day to day operations, manage inventory, manage budgets, manage sales people, manage employee's, make payroll, and of course, we both still take angry customer calls.

In other words, we run our business just like you do.

In terms of marketing for Heavenly Greens or Artificial Turf Express nothing has changed. Even with COVID.

The same sales & marketing systems I created years ago, continue to produce leads, our sales team continues to produce sales and our production team's continues to install projects. However, today's marketing technology is changing very rapidly, what worked before is becoming more difficult and costing more money. In fact, it has required us to work harder, try new things and in some ways start from scratch.

2024 will be a big pivot year for all our brands. We have ripped the hood off of each of our systems and are injecting new technology, A.I. and discovering exciting new ways to create leads and make more sales. Having the experience with so many aspects of this industry makes us uniquely qualified to pass on our "industry secrets" and marketing knowledge.

We are both pleased and immensely grateful to be in this position.

This is where Artificial Grass Marketing (AGM) comes in. It is my latest iteration on how technology and marketing innovation can benefit the artificial grass industry. In many ways, it's just like being back at Heavenly Greens for the first time and creating a brand new marketing system... except this one is for the entire industry and infinitely scalable.

Today, Andrew and I manage the marketing efforts for ArtificialGrassMarketing.com, HeavenlyGreens.com and ArtificialTurfExpress.com! We'd love to show you how we can help your business grow with our amazing marketing automation tools. Click that Book Now! link, set a time and Let's Talk About it!

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If you are not tracking and recording where your phone calls are coming from...

Some would say you're flying blind.

Data Analysis

Do you know where your website traffic is coming from? Did you know Google can tell you everything you need to know?

Retargeting Ads

Market all the website visitors that came to your site? Re-target them with an amazing offer none of your competitors are doing!

Marketing Automation

Manage every step your leads go through. SMS Text, Lead Nurturing and even Appointment Booking... Automatically!

Paid Advertising

Simply put. If you're not paying for traffic...

Some might call you crazy.

You are crazy!

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