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4 Ways to Do More with AGM's Missed-Call Text-Back Tool

November 01, 20232 min read

When you're installing turf, coordinating crews, and doing a million other tasks, picking up every call is nearly impossible. 

That's why the Missed-Call, Text-Back feature is an absolute favorite among our AGM clients. It gets triggered every time you, well, miss a call.

Within moments, the caller will receive a text like this:

  • "Hi, this is [Name] from [Company]. I saw that we just missed your call. How can I help?"

Short, sweet, and makes the caller feel that your business cares.

And with AGM's workflows, you have even more ways to customize the basic Missed-Call Text-Back process. Here are some:

Set Up Numbers for Different Marketing Channels

Setting up dedicated phone numbers for each of your marketing channels (e.g., Facebook ads, GMB, Google Ads, etc.) allows you to track exactly which ones are producing the most calls. This insight lets you optimize your budget for the highest converting platforms.

Notify Your Sales Reps About Replies

Let's say the caller replies to your automated message – that's a hot lead right there! You can configure an AGM workflow to notify agents by text and send the customer's reply text so they have context.

Example: "John just texted back: 'Do you service multiple brands?'"

Include a Discount or Promo Offer to Your Reply

Instead of sending a basic "how can I help" message, try sweetening the deal by including exclusive discounts or limited-time promos. This way, you deliver value right off the bat even if you're not able to respond right away.

For example: "Thanks for calling ABC Turf, we just missed you! As a thank you for reaching out, [insert incentive]."

Create a Follow-Up Sequence

Now, what if the caller doesn't actually reply? Don't let that lead grow cold - you can schedule follow-up messages inside AGM, set to send at specific times.

For instance, if the customer doesn't reply by the next day, have the workflow send a follow up text such as "Hey there, just following up on your call yesterday. What's the best time to call you back?" 

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Troy S. Scott

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