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Meta Conversion API in AGM: How to Track Your Artificial Grass Leads from Facebook in 2023

October 26, 20233 min read

In the past, most artificial grass companies exclusively used the Facebook Pixel to track leads from inside their Facebook ad accounts.

It was simple: the Pixel placed a piece of code on your website. When someone visited your site from Facebook, the Pixel tracked that visit back to your Facebook ad.

But as of 2023, it's difficult to get accurate conversion data from Pixel alone:

So let's say a homeowner clicks your Facebook ad on their iPhone, then called your office later to request a quote. The Pixel will miss attributing that call conversion back to the ad if the user opted out from tracking.

Your Pixel conversion metrics would look artificially low even though your ads were driving calls, form fills, and quotes.

Poor data = poor marketing decisions.

The Facebook Conversion API is Better, But…

Meta's Conversion API allows you to bypass all of those privacy restrictions from users and browser for more accurate Facebook ads reporting.

Here's how it works:

  • Someone sees your Facebook ad and takes an action like requesting a turf quote for their yard.

  • When that happens, your website servers send a notification directly to Facebook's servers through the Conversion API.

  • This notification contains the conversion details like what action they took and what ad they clicked.

  • Facebook's servers receive the conversion data and attribute it back to your specific Facebook ad and campaign.

  • You can now see that conversion tracked in your Facebook analytics, even if the user had cookies disabled or opted out of ad tracking on their device.

No more flying blind and wasting ad budget– you’ll finally get reliable data on how many phone call leads, quote requests, and sales each of your Facebook ads produces.

The catch?

Meta's Conversion API requires way more work on your end than pasting a Pixel tracking code. For instance, you need developer help to:

  • Make direct server-to-server API calls on every lead and sale.

  • Set up parameters like advertiser_tracking_enabled and event_time.

  • Write custom integration code in languages like Python, PHP, or Node.js.

Be honest – who has time for that?

The Easy Way: AGM's Facebook Conversion API Workflow

With AGM's built-in Conversion API triggers, you can easily automate accurate conversion tracking without any manual work or coding.

You can do the following right from your AGM dashboard:

  • Connect your Facebook ad accounts to enable the Conversion API

  • Set up triggers that fire the Conversion API on key conversion events:

    • Form submission

    • Phone call

    • Sale completion

    • Appointment scheduling

  • Pass conversion metadata like customer info to optimize attribution

  • View segmented conversion metrics by ad, ad set, and campaign

No need to figure everything out yourself – use our many detailed guides, such as:

Try the AGM App Today

Conversion tracking is just one of the many powerful features inside the AGM software, which also includes:

  • Designing eye-catching digital ads

  • Building customizable websites and landing pages

  • Managing incoming leads and calls

  • Sending quotes, estimates, and invoices

  • And more

Book a call today for a complete walk-through of the AGM app!

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