Stop Wasting Time on Manual Lead Qualification. Let AI Do It!

Intelligent Automation for Your Artificial Grass Business

Handling every inbound request from your website can exhaust your team's resources and energy. Consider delegating these tasks to automated systems to capture, nurture, and qualify more leads.

Manually fielding every request is a massive drain on resources and energy. It's time to unleash the power of automation and let AI help you manage your lead qualification!

We share your understanding of the artificial grass installation business because we own and manage two different turf companies ourselves.

Focus on what matters.

1. Never again miss a Call, Email, or Text

2. Book more appointments.

3. Get More Reviews Automatically

It all starts with your Website: Click Here to Learn More

Artificial grass marketing

Join us in this exciting journey of growth, efficiency, and innovation. Together, we'll transform your artificial turf business into a thriving enterprise that stands out in the market.

How Can We Help Your Business?

Business Intelligence

Track Calls, leads, Adwords, FB, GMB & Harvest Reviews all in one simple to use Dashboard.

Chat and Call Center Support

Dedicated support with live chat or pre-qualified Appointment booking.

Web Content & Optimization

Our systemized approach to Web Content & Optimization has helped us out rank competitors.


Industry Focused Marketing Automation

Software built for our Industry

Our system connects with and qualifies your leads, manages your sales pipeline and can automatically set for you or help you manage the sales appointments that include Lead Tracking and Marketing Automation. Desktop and Mobile.

One platform, Everything you need.


AGM Connect and AGM Connect +

Dedicated live chat and/or customized phone call support.

Not an answering service, an actual Call Center that works for you, answering your customers text messages and best of all, managing your prospects. Imagine the peace of mind you have knowing any live chat contact from a new lead or an existing customer will be answered. Even your appointments can be booked and added to your calendar!


Optimized Content &

A.I. Lead Generation

Our systemized approach to Website Content & Optimization has helped us out rank competitors. This same systemized approach is working for our clients who are experiencing similar results.

We've also developed a core technology that helps us deliver leads directly to pre-built marketing automations; from website visits or keyword searches.

These are A.I. generated dogs running on artificial grass. We leverage AI to create optimized web content & video for our clients.

Which Service Works

Best for Your Business?

AGM Connect and AGM Connect +

Provide your business with dedicated support for you live chat and/or phone calls.

Content Optimization + Lead Generation

Focused Content and Optimization for the Artificial Grass industry.

This solution is typically an add-on to our software.

Integrated Business Intelligence

Our custom software systems track, manage & nurturing your leads.

Giving you full visablity of your marketing pipeline.

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We’re on a mission to build an easier way to run your artificial turf business!

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